Maxicut MX-140XW CNC Sinker EDM Machine

Machine Demonstration:
Belmont developed part management system with RFID that eliminates the need for the operator to select the part program for the work piece. This application is customizable based on customer specifications. One robot is shared by two machines but this can be one to one. The front of the robot houses the sinker work pieces and electrodes, while the back contains the work pieces for the Small Hole EDM Drill. The operator loads several workpieces in the robot. Cycle start is activated on the machine and the Erowa robot loads the first workpiece in the Erowa chuck on the machine table. An RFID tag attached to the fixture is scanned and the corresponding program begins to run. The part is completed and placed back in the robot where the process repeats with the next work piece.

Programmable Work Tank Level
The work tank height and oil level is set in the part program which provides excellent operator ergonomics for loading and loading, simplifies robotic handling of electrodes and work pieces, and allows unattended operation of jobs that have require different oil levels

12 Orbit Patterns
Reduce the number of electrodes and achieve better surface finishes.

Dynamic Adjustment of Machine Parameters
Machine parameters can be adjusted and optimized during operation then saved for more efficient production

Password Protected Settings
The program can be password protected to prevent unauthorized changes

Auxiliary I/O
Ability to integrate ancillary devices such as rotary tables, indexers, and work piece handling systems

Linear Glass Scales with 1 Micron Resolution
Provides true, closed loop, position feedback for precise part
positioning accuracy

External Data Transfer
Transfer programs with a USB memory stick or across a network
using Ethernet

Integrated C Axis (Optional)
Position the electrode automatically, rotate round electrodes at a
constant speed, and program synchronized motion for applications
such as threads and spirals

Rotary and Tilt/Rotary Tables (Optional)
Fully integrated with the Maxicut CNC and allows multi axis positioning for complex work piece orientations

Automatic Tool Changer – ATC (Optional)
Increase unattended machining by automatically changing electrodes

Adaptive Logic
Difficult applications can be completed with no flushing without the
risk of arcing

X Axis 15.7″ (400 mm)
Y Axis 11.8″ (300 mm)
Z Axis 15.7″ (400 mm)
Open Height
Minimum 10.0″ (255mm)
Maximum 25.7″ (655mm)
Width x Depth 29.1″ x 15.3″
(740 x 390 mm)
WORK TANK Internal Dimensions
Width x Depth x Height 31.4″ x 23.6″ x 15.7″
(800 x 600 x 400 mm)
Maximum Oil Level 10.2″ (260 mm)
Capacity 120 gal. (450 Liters)
Electrode on T-Slot Platen 330 lb. (150 kg.)
Work Piece 1,760 lb. (800 kg.)
Maximum Peak Current 100A
On and Off Time 1 to 4000 μs
Electrode Weight Capacity – Static 88 lb. (40 kg.)
Electrode Weight Capacity – Dynamic 66 lb. (30 kg.)
Maximum Peak Current – Static 100A
Maximum Peak Current – Dynamic 65A
Maximum Rotational Speed 35 RPM
Width x Depth x Height 87″ x 83″ x 120″ (220 cm x 209 cm x 307 cm)
Machine Tool Weight 7,700 lb. (3,500 kg.)
Room Temperature 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C)
Relative Humidity 40%to 55%
Electrical 220VAC ±10%, 60 Hz, 11 KV A
Air 70 PSI @ lCFM (5 BAR @ 1.7 CMH)

* Open Height is measured from the T-slot platen to the table.


Illustrations and specifications herein are not binding in detail . Belmont Equipment & Technologies reserves the right to modify and make improvements to these specifications without notice.

Erowa Robot Compact