EDM Wire – OKI PZNF Brass Wire

To meet the increasing demand for high accuracy cutting, OKI has developed a new high quality brass EDM Wire. OKI PZNF Fine Hi-Tensile Zinc Enriched, Non-Paraffin brass wire has an improved roundness of .25 microns or less. This is a 4x improvement over conventional wires. Benefits include improved surface finish, and a reduction in polishing time.

The remaining OKI Brass Wires will get the Fine wire treatment with production starting in Q4 of 2020.  Belmont’s customers will be transitioned over to the new wire as it becomes available. Customers that have already tested the OKI-PZNF wire have reported reductions in machining time and decreased wire usage through reduction of skim passes. They have also seen an improvement in surface finish, and tolerance. Overall, the new technology has shown significant savings in both time and cost over standard brass manufacturing technology.