Belmont MX-220 Drop Tank EDM Sinker

Machine Demonstration:

  • The pickup tray has two stacks of parts; new and completed. The Fanuc robot will pickup a new part with the vacuum gripper and transport to the die set fixture on the work table. The clamp on the die set fixture will swing and hold the part, the robot will move out of the machine work area, and the EDM cycle will start. The work tank will raise, oil will fill the work tank, the Z Axis will begin to advance towards the work piece, zero will be set, and the EDM process will begin. When the program is complete then the work tank will lower, the robot will pick up the completed part, tip it inside the work area to drain excess oil from the surface, and place it in the completed stack.
  • The MX-220 Drop Tank EDM Sinker also features a quick fill and drain system.
    • i. Work tank fill time: approximately 30 seconds
    • ii. Work tank drain time: approximately 4 seconds

Compact Footprint
Maximizes floor space with its compact footprint, which allows for close proximity of multiple machine setups

Programmable Z Axis with Eight Lines of Power Settings
Automatically control depth and generator settings from roughing to finishing cycles

One Button Cycle Start with Auto Fill and Auto Drain
Automatically the electrode will detect the surface, set zero, fill the work tank, start the flush pump, cut to depth, retract, and drain the work tank

Password Protected Settings
The program can be password protected to prevent unauthorized changes

Auxiliary 1/0
Ability to integrate ancillary devices such as rotary tables, indexers, and work piece handling systems

Linear Glass Scales with 1 Micron Resolution
Provides true, closed loop, position feedback for precise part positioning accuracy

Self Contained Filtration System and Reservoir
Compact foot print requires less floor space

External Data Transfer
Transfer programs with a USB memory stick or across a network using Ethernet

Adaptive Logic (Optional)
Difficult applications can be completed with no flushing without the risk of arcing

Part Sensing Circuit (Optional)
Detects the absence or presence of the work piece at critical points that minimize costly errors due to an incorrectly loaded work piece

BACK SLIDE 7.8″ (200mm)
Z Axis 5.9″ (150mm)
Open Height*
Minimum 3.9″ (100 mm)
Maximum 17.7″ (450mm)
Width x Depth 16.9″ x 13.7″ (430 x 350 mm)
Width x Depth x Height 16.9″ x 13.7″ x 13.1″ (430 x 350 x 335 mm)
Maximum Oil Level 11.2″ (285 mm)
Minimum 55 gal. (208 liters)
Maximum 70 gal. (265 liters)
Magnetic Chuck 100 lb. (45 kg.)
Work Piece 700 lb. (320 kg)
Maximum Peak Current 60 A
On and Off Time 1 to 4000 μs
Width x Depth x Height 56″ x 104″ x 96″ (142 cm x 264 cm x 244 cm)
Machine Tool Weight 2,750 lb. (1,250 kg.)
Room Temperature 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C)
Relative Humidity 40%to 55%
Electrical 220VAC ±10%, 3 PHASE, 60 Hz, 3.5 KVA
Air 70 PSI@ 1 CFM (5 BAR@ 1.7 CMH)
* Open Height is measured from tip of a standard guide. ** Optional. Illustrations and specifications herein are not binding in detail. Belmont Equipment & Technologies reserves the right to modify and make improvements to these specifications without notice