A. SY-3040TG Small Hole EDM Drill / Maxicut MX-140XW Sinker / Erowa Robot Automation Cell

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MX-140XW Sinker

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B. SY-4060R Small Hole EDM Drill with Fanuc LRMate Robot and Fanuc Vision

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D. SY-M-2535 Manual Small Hole EDM Drill with Haas Indexer

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C. MX-220 Drop Tank EDM Sinker with Fanuc LRMate Robot

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E. SY-3030 Small Hole EDM Drill

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F. SY-1210TGUR Small Hole EDM Drill with MMK Matsumoto single axis rotary table

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G. SY-4050TGRH Small Hole EDM Drill with MMK Matsumoto SAT100

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H. MX-233CW Compact Sinker EDM with Drop Tank

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I. EDM Graphite Fabrication

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Rendering provided by Nichols Display Group, Inc., in Northbrook, IL